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DISCLAIMER: Your social media is your space to use as you please. This is one woman’s opinion of how to make the online world a little sweeter for everyone.

Social media is depressing us. I think most of us could agree. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great way to keep up with friends from afar, share great news, and laugh/cry at youtube videos. But just as often, it causes feelings of…

Jealously: “I wish I could afford a house that big.”
Inadequacy: “Everyone has found love but me.”
Sadness: Seeing a friend you care about in pain.
Hopelessness: “The world has gone to Hell in a handbasket.”

It’s not anyone’s fault is it? People are sharing their thoughts and lives with their “friends.” Your reaction to it seems unavoidable – just the “way it is.”


Everything posted to our feeds has gone through a filter – depending on how we want to be viewed. See if you can spot these common filters on your feed.

This post will…

• Make me look smart, socially aware, in the know.

• Make me look adorably stupid, silly, awkward.

• Get me much needed attention, sympathy, acknowledgement.

• Will show everyone how happy, successful, interesting I am?

Most people aren’t even doing it consciously! And nothing is wrong with wanting to control the way your seen on your social media account. The problem comes when we, as the viewers, don’t remember this filter exists.


I’d like to propose a new filter. The Impact Filter. And all it takes is asking one simple question before you click.

“What impact might this post have on the people reading it?”

“Now hold the phone, Tristen! Are you saying I need worry about every single person on my feed and how they MIGHT feel about everything I say?” To which I would respond: See above disclaimer!

Your feed is a place for you to express yourself in any way you want. But we’ve all been on the receiving end of a drive-by Facebooking! So, post whatever you want, however you want. But remember we can help the social media landscape in some small way but asking this question first. What impact would you like to have?

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