Tristen's TOOLKIT

Feeling scattered? Life coming at you so fast, you can hardly keep up? You gotta get organized, baybay! I love finding new tools and tricks to keep my life running smoothly! And I’ve compiled all my favorite hacks into one sexay 14-page resource guide to clear your mind and make space for creativity!

With this tookit, you'll discover...

  • Resources to learn just about everything you need to know about... well, everything. Seriously. If you're looking to gain new skills, I'll show you where to get 'em.
  • How to finally organize all your thoughts, notes, and ideas into one easily-searchable place.
  • How to never forget anything again!
  • Organize your finances at-a-glance. And make tax time easy-squeezy.
  • And lots more stuff that will just make your life easier.