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Got something you wanna say? Something that might make someone’s day? Say it now.

Live A Regret-Proof Life

I’m very aware of my own mortality. And that of others around me. Not always a fun way to be but it does offer value in this way: I tell people I care.
A friend of mine got a lil’ tipsy the other night as we shared a bottle of cheap Sauvignon Blanc. Our conversation wandered into how grateful she is to her step-dad for stepping up when he didn’t have to.
“Someday I’d like to tell him how much that meant to me.” she said to herself.
I felt my stomach drop. GAH! “Say it now!” I thought.

“Someday” is really just code for “Never”

Those conversations are always a little awkward, right? You feel like you need to wait until the right moment. You don’t know how they’ll react. Will they cry? Brush you off?
But what if it makes their day? Year? Lifetime? What if it’s the kind of acknowledgment they’ve been thirsting for? The kind they didn’t even know they needed. What a gift!
Any awkwardness now will certainly be better than the regret of never having the chance later.
If you’ve got something to say. Say it now!

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2 comments on “A Regret-Proof Life: Say It Now”

  1. Playing devil’s advocate…. We all must have said to ourselves once or 10 times, “Thank God I didn’t say that.. or bring that up”. “Just say it”… not to sure on this one Tristen.; friends, family, loved ones don’t speak for years on 1 or 2 statements that were blurted out. I believe when we seem to want to say something to someone, for what we believe is to help them or for
    his/her benefit, deep down we may want to say something just because we think.. we truly have the answer to their worries, concerns, and or situation at hand. When actually its just an opinion. If more people exercised a little discipline, from shooting their mouths off, this would definitely be a more peaceful world. Then again, it obviously depends on what exactly we are deciding to say, or not to say, that is the difference between a helpful, caring friend, or an intrusive big mouth, “know it all”.
    Just some thoughts… Thanks for listening 🙂

    • Can’t argue with you there, Rob. There are plenty of opportunities for people to keep their mouths shut! However, what I’m speaking to here is the ‘I love you’s, the ‘Thanks for being there when I needed you’s and the ‘I’m sorry’s.

      Too often I hear people say “I wish I had just told them how I felt!” or seen family members rekindle relationships after years when one person has the guts to say “I’m so sorry.” I try to make sure I blurt the good stuff as often as possible – which is a good practice in my humble opinion! 🙂

      Dissenting thoughts always welcome. Thanks for your comment!

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