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You know I’m all about productivity! But sometimes you have a little time to waste on the web. So here are a few of my favorite time wasters. Enjoy!

Bring In The Cats: Be sure to watch this with headphones on if you’re in an office. But you DEFINITELY want the sound. This is a great pick-me-up when the day is feeling a little lackluster.

Key & Peele // Gremlins 2: This is the dumbest sketch ever and Cole & I quote it all the time. I love Key & Peele so very much!

Donate Your Body To Science: A few years ago, I heard about this site and signed up for full body donation when I make my final Irish Goodbye. They take care of most of the post-passing costs and, well, I LOVE saving money! So, no-brainer! And oh yeah, it helps other people, too!

The Workaholics Writer’s Room List Of Banned Phrases: Writers, take note. This is a list of phrases considered to be “clams” in the Workaholics writers room – jokes that are so played out, they’re just not funny anymore.

The Sponge Lady: We should all be this passionate about SOMETHING in our lives!

Cashflow The Online Game: If you’ve read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you may remember hearing about the Cash Flow Board Game. I must confess, I ALWAYS wanted it but it was $200! Well, recently I thought about getting it and discovered there’s actually and online version of the game! OMG! It is so much fun! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play. Figuring it out is part of the learning process of sharpening your financial skillz!

Do you have any favorite ways to waste time I should know about? Do tell in the comments below!

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