Your Career Is Your Business!

The first online course for actors planning to launch their professional careers! Everything you need to know to become a working professional FAST in one self-study program with hours of content!



We would LOVE to invite a select group of students to take the course for free. We will use our beta tester’s feedback to improve the course before our official launch. Please read on to see if this course is right for you!


At that rate, you can’t afford to waste a single day!

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned in our collective 29 years in Hollywood, from booking blockbuster studio films, television guest stars, numerous national commercial campaigns & spokesperson gigs, and put it into this comprehensive, step-by-step program to help you create an action plan to launch your career.  

Using our 20/20 hindsight as a guide, you’ll learn how to hit the ground running in Los Angeles and create a career you’ll love, instead of waiting around to be discovered. 

End result: a wealth of knowledge & plan of action so you don’t waste a single high-rent day in LA!  

this course is for you if

  • Are a big fish in a small pond and ready to dive into Hollywood. (or any other major film market!)
  • Often find yourself watching TV, Films, & Commercials thinking "Hey! I could do that!"
  • Are ready to launch your career in a major market & don't want to waste time flailing in a strange city.
  • Are not ready to make the move quite yet, but want to know what you can be doing NOW to set yourself up for success.
  • Are already in L.A., feeling stuck and tired of money flying out the door - wondering if it's adding up to anything.
  • Are an artist who can admit to needing a lil' hand-holding with the business stuff.
  • Want to avoid scams and wasted money.
  • Like the cold hard truth, served up with lots of encouragement and a little sass!
  • Need to show your parents & friends you've thought this "acting thing" through.​

Meet Your Instructor

Tristen MacDonald


what clients are saying

With Tristen’s guidance, I have been able to quiet the negative noise and uncover the Captain within. I initially wanted to get serious about my acting career, but soon discovered that the tools I was learning bled into all areas of my life. More than just a task-master, Tristen helps identify the resistance that stands in your way and gently challenges you to tackle your fears. She is a true Cheerleader, Muggle Mentor, and Sensei. I’ll never be the same.

Wendy Jung | Actress, Writer, Director

You can't Afford to move to Los angeles without prep

Becoming a professional actor is a career like any other. It takes training, guidance, and knowing the right people. Let us guide you through all the tough stuff BEFORE you get here! So you can feel confident as soon as you arrive!

What You'll get

  • A step-by-step guide with all the tools you'll need to kick off a successful career, taught by current working professionals.
  • A clear grasp of your "brand" & where you fit into the current market.
  • An inside look at the industry from the perspective of casting directors, writers, & directors.
  • Easy-to-use templates, organizational systems, & tutorials to keep your business running smoothly.
  • How to create your own work - even if you've never done it before! Don't be scared, we'll walk you through it.
  • How to read contracts & sniff out a scam.
  • A full "spending guide" to confidently map out your marketing game-plan.
  • Updated info about current industry trends.
  • How to "Network" without feeling awkward & needy.
  • Unlimited ongoing access to course materials and all future updates.

And too much more to list!

Tristen is an amazing person to have on your team and in your corner. If you’re embarking on anything new or need some motivation on a long term goal, she will help you get there!

Amber Friendly – Actress

We can't wait to help you kick off your professional career!

Let us help you do it the RIGHT way. With our combined experience, you’ll be leaps ahead of anyone else who just “shows up” to Tinsel Town!

To be sure you’re supported every step of the way, you’ll get access to…

Our Private HPS Facebook Group

Leverage this group to…

  • Crowdsource career decisions from best times to move, areas of town to seek housing, find roommates/couch-surfing opportunities, etc.
  • Receive quick feedback from your peers on anything from headshots to reels.
  • Start building your future network of creative partners today.

PLUS Your instructors will be in the group for LIVE Q & A’s at least twice per month to get any burning questions answered!

What's the cost of not having a plan?

  • $1000's in wasted rent as you twiddle your thumbs waiting for the phone to ring.
  • $100's from shooting generic & ineffective headshots that don't stand out.
  • $100's - $1000's wasted on classes & consultants who make promises they can't deliver.
  • MONTHS or even YEARS of feeling lost and overwhelmed, with no direction.

As we continue to build this course, check back for updates about what to expect. And if you have suggestions about what you’d like to see covered, we’re all ears. Shoot us a message at!  

Until then, hop on the waitlist and we’ll notify you when enrollment opens.

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