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Why is it so tough to do things for ourselves and so easy to do it for others? I can’t figure it out! But I have stumbled upon a handy way to trick myself into changing this.


Future you is a real life human being. She’s on her way right now and she’s at your mercy. Think about it, her day is pretty dependent on what decisions you make for her today.

“Future You” has a big day tomorrow. Will you help her out by going to bed an hour early tonight? Or screw her over by selfishly scrolling through Pinterest in bed?

“Future You” will likely have a swimsuit audition someday soon. Can you do her a solid by putting down that third slice of pizza?

“Future You” often gets last-minute appointments and opportunities. Let’s set her up for success by filling that gas tank long before it hits empty!


You want the best for Future You! That’s why you’re reading this. And be honest, how many times have you dropped everything for a friend who was going through a break up at 1 AM? Or who was stranded at LAX during rush hour. Your friend needed you and you stepped up.

Every now and then, you might wanna take care of “Present You” and lay around. Maybe watch a little TV, for crying out loud! No problem! Live your life, my friend! Just be sure to check in with Future You every once in a while and see if she needs some attention.

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