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Do you buy the books that are faced out on the shelves? I do! Ever wonder why these particular books get to be face out while all the others are sitting on the shelves “the right way” and relying on only the very committed shopper to find them?

My guess is it has something to do with luck. Something to do with a deal made by the publisher. And/or something to do with the fact that it’s already got some buzz.

When you buy that book and talk about it, you create more buzz. Friends ask for your book recs on Facebook and you throw that title in the mix, they buy it, and it gets more buzz. The book creeps even higher on best seller lists and the cycle continues.

What makes that book so dang special? Is that book any better than the one next to it?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Truth is, it doesn’t really matter because many people won’t get around to the one next to it. They’ll keep grabbing the one already chosen for them. The one with social proof.

Same goes for actors. You’ve got the goods, but you’re waiting for someone to put you face out on the bookshelf. The agent or manager. After all, you’re just as talented as the girl in your acting class who’s a booking machine. It’s crazy that someone hasn’t scooped you up yet.

It’s frustrating. But not every book can be faced out at the same time. So what are you to do?


Authors hustle like crazy too!

They’re doing speaking engagements, podcasts, guest posting on blogs, sending free copies to taste makers, selling copies themselves, and on and on. They are not betting all their marbles on the manager of a Barnes & Noble facing them out!

If they did? Phew! That would have been a lot of time writing for not a lot of return.

So please, do try to find yourself a kick-ass agent or manager, but don’t waste your time putting all your eggs in that basket.

Keep making connections, getting better, and making your talent visible. You never know when a sweet cashier will put you on their “What We’re Reading Now” shelf! Right there at the front of the store.

What will you do instead of waiting?

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