Coaching can be a little like dating. You need to find someone who inspires you and holds you to the highest standard of your potential. Wanna see if we're a good match. Let's hop on a call to find out!

Does this sound familiar?

You want to pursue your artistic calling with confidence. And you’ve been killin’ it, taking classes, workshops, emailing agents, but it your career is just not taking off at the rate you’d hoped. 

To make matters worse, there are critics everywhere!
Critics in your hometown. In your family.
Critics in the audition room. And outside the audition room.
Critics in your head.
Critics everywhere!

So here you are, trying to tell meaningful stories and it seems like all around you are roadblocks and closed doors. Not to mention, you feel like you’re wasting your life and feel unfulfilled. That, my friend, is a recipe for unhappiness.

Having the courage to follow your dreams should be exciting, not depressing!

I’ve been in the acting business in Los Angeles for 15 years and, trust me, I know what it’s like to work your butt off and see gravely disproportionate results - it’s maddening!

But through the years, I’ve gathered tools and knowledge, made mistakes, and found a way to live an artistic life, full of joy, purpose, and dare I say it, financial stability!

The Plan:

STEP 1:     Together, we’ll sift through your life & career goals, get to the heart of what you really want, and what's not being said.

STEP 2:      We'll spend time getting un-stuck from your mental blocks and stories, take an honest 30,000 ft view of your current path, and develop a customized plan of action based on your goals and resources available.

STEP 3:      We'll map out milestones & checkpoints and create a method of accountability that works for you to keep you on track.

And through all this, I commit to being your spoonful of sugar and your stiff shot of whiskey. Your biggest cheerleader and a hard-core realist. I believe in the importance of building your wings,  while not forgetting that gravity does exist - and we need to deal with it!

Together, let's....

  • Stop chasing the quick-fixes and craft and intentional plan toward building your creative empire.
  • Quiet the endless screams of advice and career envy and focus on your unique gifts.
  • Build the skills necessary to detach personal feelings from career,  and create a healthy business mindset.

Or would you rather...

  • Continue to let the endless unsolicited advice of others stop you from having a meaningful life.
  • Waste thousands of dollars on the wrong classes, photos, workshops, and materials, only to be left wondering why it didn't pay off.
  • Allow your mood and life to be dictated by sporadic bookings and auditions.

I know you’re sick of letting the business control your life. Book your free chemistry session today and let’s chat. Get ready to silence those critics inside your head and release the creative, happy, successful artist you have inside!



Tristen is like a motivational bag of Pop Rocks. She constantly explodes with nuggets of inspiration, motivating and inspiring me to achieve my goals. Working with her has given me clarity and insight. She has helped me develop a doable plan of action to get out off my hamster wheel and make my life look the way I want it to.

Jacy King

Tristen is an amazing person to have on your team and in your corner. If you're embarking on anything new or need some motivation on a long term goal, she will help you get there!

Amber Friendly

Only two sessions with Tristen so far and my productivity has changed drastically!
The area in my life I was looking for help with was my career. Specifically, dedicating time to the things I wanted so that I could achieve them instead of just daydreaming about them. Tristen is so skilled at helping you identify the things that are holding you back and providing you with customized tools to help you move forward. Plus, she’s just an amazing human being, which doesn’t hurt. 🙂

Angie Patterson

With Tristen's guidance, I have been able to quiet the negative noise and uncover the Captain within. I initially wanted to get serious about my acting career, but soon discovered that the tools I was learning bled into all areas of my life. More than just a task-master, Tristen helps identify the resistance that stands in your way and gently challenges you to tackle your fears. She is a true Cheerleader, Muggle Mentor, and Sensei. I'll never be the same.

Wendy Jung


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