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You’ve done all the research, read all the “How to Be A Working Actor” books you could get your hands on, and trained your booty off in your local area. You’re itching to make the leap from your “small pond” to the open waters of Los Angeles.

But how do you know if you’re ready? 

What will you do when you get here?

That’s where Actor Business Plan comes in!

The first comprehensive online course about launching your acting career in Los Angeles or any major market. Taught by current working professional actors with up-to-date insight to the entertainment industry. Actor Business Plan will save you time, money and years of frustration so you can get back to the good stuff: acting.

I booked five projects in the first month!

"From the very first lesson of ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN, I was so inspired. Auditions have gone from "Please let me book this!" to "Let me help THEM find who they are looking for.”

Getting crystal clear on my “type” and submitting for the right roles is a game changer! I’ve booked five roles this month! 

The ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN resources and bonuses are worth the price alone. If you're passionate about acting and want to take your business to the next level, this course is for you - 100%"

Dana Yangello

Meet Your Instructor

Tristen MacDonald - Actress/Screenwriter


I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in my 16 years in Hollywood, from television guest stars to numerous national commercial campaigns & spokesperson gigs, and put it into this comprehensive, step-by-step program to help you create an action plan to launch your career.  

Using my 20/20 hindsight as a guide, you’ll learn how to hit the ground running in Los Angeles and create a career you’ll love, instead of waiting around to be discovered.

End result: a wealth of knowledge & plan of action so you don’t waste a single high-rent day in LA!  

I was exactly where you are. I always knew I wanted to be a film/television actress!

Could I do it? 

Was I good enough?

I read every book I could find on “How to make it in Hollywood” and did everything I could to prepare. I worked for over a year, pulling doubles at Red Robin to save up TEN THOUSAND dollars. A true fortune to me. I packed up my life into two boxes and headed to Los Angeles alone… just me and my pickup truck like a total badass.

Problem was...

... No amount of research had prepared me for just how much everything really cost.

  • Apartments were a minimum of $900/month (and this was 16 years ago!)
  • Headshots were $500
  • Classes where $300-500/month.

SPOILER ALERT: I was out of money in four months. And hadn’t done a single thing for my acting career!


Back then, I would’ve given anything for a course like Actor Business Plan! Seriously, this woulda been on my Christmas list for Santa!


Becoming a professional actor is a career like any other. It takes training, guidance, and knowing the right people. Let us guide you through all the tough stuff BEFORE you get here! So you can feel confident as soon as you arrive!

In ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN, you'll get...

  • A step-by-step guide with all the tools you'll need to kick off a successful career, taught by current working professionals.
  • A clear grasp of your "brand" & where you fit into the current market.
  • An inside look at the industry from the perspective of casting directors, writers, & directors.
  • Easy-to-use templates, organizational systems, & tutorials to keep your business running smoothly.
  • How to create your own work - even if you've never done it before! Don't be scared, we'll walk you through it.
  • How to read contracts & sniff out a scam.
  • Updated info about current industry trends.
  • Tips on how to "Network" without feeling awkward & needy.
  • Unlimited ongoing access to course materials and all future updates.

And too much more to list!

PLUS! Access to our exclusive 

Private Facebook Group 

Leverage this group to...

  • Crowdsource career decisions from best times to move, areas of town to seek housing, find roommates/couch-surfing opportunities, etc.
  • Receive quick feedback from your peers on anything from headshots to reels.
  • Start building your future network of creative partners today.
  • Access bonus career-building challenges and support!


Before taking ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN, I was floundering-- not sure how to balance my personal life and job with the business of acting. I had no idea how to juggle the day-to-day stuff you need to do to be a professional actor, so this came at the perfect time!

It’s more than just an online course. The worksheets, resources, and financial planner helped me hold myself accountable and the Facebook community is a great bonus. I now have concrete plan around where to focus my energy and financial resources to move my career forward.

ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN is encouraging and realistic, with practical attainable goals for each lesson. It's a step-by-step breakdown of how to get your career up and running. You need talent sure, but this course helps you break down the admin side of things and run your career like the business it is. If you’re not sure what your next step should be, I’d say you need an ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN.

Jeanette Cerami

Ready To Launch Your Acting Career?

Enroll now and get instant access to our suite of lessons, bonus trainings, worksheets and templates. Plus immediate access to our private Facebook community with monthly Q & A's with Tristen.

Available Wherever You Want

Computer, tablet, phone...

Take your training with you wherever you go! So you can learn on vacation, at the gym, or waiting for your turn at that commercial audition.

Hours Of Training & Bonus Content

Work at your own pace!

All lessons are available right away in your member's area. Along with transcripts and audio files so you can use the content the way you learn best. 

The best part? Unlike in-person courses where you need to scribble all your notes as you go, these lessons will be here any time you need them and updated as new information becomes available.

Private Facebook Community With Monthly Q & A's

Get feedback from Tristen and other students.

Work through the content at your own pace, and when you need it, your Facebook Community will be there to offer feedback, support, and answer questions. 

At least once per month, Tristen will be in the group answering your questions live.

A Tsunami Of Downloadable Worksheets

Cheat Sheets, Templates, & Checklists!

Not only will you receive your printable career BIZ PLAN, you'll have instant access to our growing library of additional resources. Including...

  • Agent Meeting Prep Checklist
  • Headshot Prep Guide
  • Find Your Type Survey & Worksheet
  • Yearly Task Calendar
  • Resume Template


You Don't Have To Go Alone. Your Team Is Waiting For You On The Inside.


Here's why:​​​​

“ABP in one word: Fulfilling!”

I’m about to make the leap to LA and am so grateful to have found Tristen and ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN. It gave me the power to tackle a ton of tasks before the move so I’m totally prepared! The course is detailed, organized, and forces you to ask tough questions of yourself. In many of the lessons, I felt like she was talking directly to me. Tristen pull no punches, she’s direct and honest about the realities of the entertainment industry and I love that. Moving to LA isn’t for everyone, but if you’re serious about doing this, ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN will give you the insight and tools to succeed.

Kristie Schuh

Whether like Jon Snow, you know nothing, or you’ve been around the ‘biz’ a while and it still ain’t happenin’ the way you want it to… TAKE THIS COURSE.

I started my acting ‘career' in Hollywood 20+ years ago but never gained the traction I was hoping for, and in more recent years, I’ve felt STUCK. That is, until I took ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN. It's the BEST course I've taken on the Business of Acting (and I’ve taken quite a few!) — it is totally worth the investment! It’s specific, detailed, and covers more about the realities of the business.When I first signed up, Tristen told me that a lot of this might be redundant information for me, but maybe I’d hear something in a different way that would trigger some new ideas -- and that's exactly what happened. The result? A bona fide renewed excitement towards my dream career! Through the various assignments and fill-in guides, I am reminded why I chose acting and why I won't quit.

Elizabeth Kuyper

“I learned more from this course than in my 4 years of college.”

ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN is an AWESOME confidence booster, and keeps you motivated! But more importantly, jam-packed with valuable information. I paid thousands of dollars for my college training but there was a lot about the business that was missing. However, it was covered in this course and left me fulfilled for the first time -- it finally clicked! I’ll admit I was tempted to skip lessons that felt like things I already knew, and I’m so glad I didn’t! There was way more packed into those lessons that I’d never heard before.This is the guidance I’ve needed from Day 1! ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN is full of industry tips and tricks you're not going to get from reading a book or watching videos because Tristen has so much insider knowledge and shares it freely.This course is beyond worth it and essential for any actor, no matter their experience level. I would go as far as to call it a NECESSITY.

Vanessa Shevat

A Total Game-Changer

Taking this course was truly an eye opener! I was headed in the right direction before, but wasn’t taking as much initiative as I’d like. I now have resources and the knowledge to position my acting career for an amazing leap.Understanding my type and how others see me has changed the way I approach my auditions. And the lesson about defining success: what it looks like and what it means to me has given me a clearer focus on my goals than ever before.I loved the self-study structure because I could work around my schedule, at my own pace. An added bonus is I can revisit the lessons anytime I need a refresher.For anyone beginning their acting career, Actor Business Plan is the jump-start you need to do it right! Go team!

Gabe Mesriah

Preparation is key - this course covers all the bases!

I’m so grateful for Actor Business Plan! Prior to this course, I didn’t know anything about this career or what it was about. Everything it taught me about Hollywood and the business was eye-opening. I not only learned that preparation is key, but exactly how to prepare. It was a wealth of information and, being a hands-on learner, I appreciated the homework, feedback, and additional resources so much. And the content is delivered in such a way that really breaks the big ideas down and drives home the lesson. This course is for anyone ready to make their acting career a reality - it covers all the bases.

Natalie Ivonne


  • Are a big fish in a small pond and ready to dive into Hollywood. (or any other major film market!)
  • Often find yourself watching TV, Films, & Commercials thinking "Hey! I could do that!"
  • Are ready to launch your career in a major market & don't want to waste time flailing in a strange city.
  • Are not ready to make the move quite yet, but want to know what you can be doing NOW to set yourself up for success.
  • Are already in L.A., feeling stuck and tired of money flying out the door - wondering if it's adding up to anything.
  • Are an artist who can admit to needing a lil' hand-holding with the business stuff.
  • Want to avoid scams and wasted money.
  • Like the cold hard truth, served up with lots of encouragement and a little sass!
  • Need to show your parents & friends you've thought this "acting thing" through.

Let's Do It!

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