Hey there! I'm Tristen. A Los Angeles based Actress, Writer, and Life Coach. An unabashed Jill-Of-All-Trades with a super-human thirst for knowledge and an even super-er-human-er drive to share what I've learned with others.


When I first met with Tristen for a life coaching session I was stuck in a rut. I wasn't able to find the balance between living a creative life and managing my responsibilities. Within one session Tristen untangled and cleared out the cobwebs in my mind and set me on the right path. She laid out a game plan and held me accountable. I've never been more productive and felt more capable of accomplishing all of my goals. I trust her implicitly. Her approach is both direct and warm. It's the perfect combination!

Carrie-Lynn Neales

The most intuitively, inventively, funny person alive... and the most accessible teacher! Serious about the craft of acting to the "T" but never takes the fun out of the experience! Love Tristen!

Peter Kluge

With Tristen's guidance, I have been able to quiet the negative noise and uncover the Captain within. I initially wanted to get serious about my acting career, but soon discovered that the tools I was learning bled into all areas of my life. More than just a task-master, Tristen helps identify the resistance that stands in your way and gently challenges you to tackle your fears. She is a true Cheerleader, Muggle Mentor, and Sensei. I'll never be the same.

Wendy Jung

I coached with Tristen for the lead role in a film. She gave me super specific notes that totally punched up the comedy and we tried the scenes from a bunch of different angles. The result was that I knew the material backwards and forwards and was super loose in the room. In fact, I was so confident with my work that I really had FUN in the audition. Oh... and I booked it!

Jessica Pohly